The Network of Immigrant and Refugee Women of Australia Inc. (NIRWA) is an independent body that seeks to advocate for immigrant and refugee women at the national level by working to achieve cultural, social, economic, education and gender equality for immigrant and refugee women living in Australia.

Our guiding principles are:

To acknowledge, respect and value the diversity of women of culturally and linguistically diverse (cald) backgrounds.

To facilitate opportunities for cald women to participate in and contribute to the network through leadership, mentoring and mutual support.

To uphold the principles of human rights, social justice, gender equality, and access and equity.

To recognise and value cald women’s life experience, skills and knowledge, and their contribution to the wellbeing of society.

To promote peace, harmony, democracy and community capacity in Australian society.

To be accountable to our members and relevant stakeholders.

Boat Insurance Premiums

Boat Insurance Premiums

Mother Nature can be very unpredictable and unforgiving. This is why boat owners and those operating boats need to have insurance. Due to the increasing numbers of boat insurance providers, prices are now very competitive. This means that boat owners can get fair deals despite the inherent risks posed by the sea, lakes and other waterways. There are several ways that boat operators can keep premiums at a low.

Boat maintenance

Failure to maintain your boat ends up being very expensive in the long run. Ensure that you use quality fuel and have a full tank to avoid the need to have your boat towed. Regular checks for essentials such as filters and oil are crucial. Negligence only makes minor issues worse. Batteries must always be charged and kept in top condition. Taking care of these basics is also an assurance of good faith. In some cases, the boat insurance company may deny a claim if they establish that there was a lack of maintenance or neglect. Handling the basics does not eliminate all problems. Once in a while, you will need towing services. It is imperative that you ensure the insurance package covers towing.

Avoid collision on the docks or boats

Most of the claims are as a result of collisions. In fact, most happen in the harbor, say when a fiberglass hits the piling or hulls and hits the dock. Many claims also occur when the boat is moored safely and another boat bumps into it. You should be careful not to pack to closely to another boat. Experts’ advice boat operators to practice maneuvering tactics while they are still in open water. This way it is easy to learn the boat’s abilities and even limitations. For instance, you need to find out how the boat behaves in reverse and forward, or when there is a strong current or wind. Learning reduces the number of collisions and claims on your boat insurance policy.

Always be prepared

When it comes to Mother Nature, you can never have a full proof plan with Youi Boat Insurance. In light of this, you need to always be ready for storms and high winds. The best strategy is to have a plan for dealing with storms and high winds. It is advisable to have extra lines on the dock, the trailer and on the mooring. Ensure that you pack your boat paying attention to the direction of the wind. Flying debris can damage your boat. It is also good to have an alternative place you can store your boat during heavy storms. Ensure that you have options for different eventualities.

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Compare boat insurance quotes and policy features

Boat insurance providers will have different features and terms. It is wise to compare quotes from different companies. There are providers who will give discounts to owners who have invested in safety features for their boats. Others will have reduced rates for those who do not use their boats during periods of harsh weather. Comparing boat insurance quotes enables you to get a plan that works for you based on your needs.